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TournamentShowroom.com - Ordering - Step By Step

The first time using a site can be difficult. Below is the 10 step process it takes to buy one product from our store. Please review this page to familiarize yourself with our process. If at any time you are confused or have questions, please consult our Help/Faq's section or call us at 1-866-453-7526.

TournamentShowroom.com - Step 1 - Homepage

Step 1 - Homepage

You can view our Golf Promotional Products by:

  • Using the Drop Down Menu system located at the top of the screen (a)
  • Searching for a product by using the search box in the top of the Right Column (b)
  • The Browse Products section in the Right Navigation menu (c)
  • Clicking the appropriate category in the middle of the homepage (d)

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 2 - Catalog Page

Step 2 - Catalog Page

We've clicked on Logo Golf Gifts in the Browse Products section of the Right Column.

We have hundreds of products in our catalog to choose from!!

You can narrow down your search by:

  • Clicking on the Approriate Category Icon to the left of each Detailed Catalog Display (e)
  • Clicking on another category in the Right Column (f)
  • Clicking on a specific product link in the Appropriate Category (g)

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 3 - Product Catalog Page

Step 3 - Product Catalog Page

We've clicked on Plastic Golf Bag Tags in the detailed category description of Golf Bag Tags .

You will see how many products are returned in that category.

You can expand your search by clicking on a page number in the Pager section above the products (h), or view all products by click "View All" (h)

You can also view the products by Name or Price by selecting one in the "Sort By" drop down menu. (h)

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 4 - Product Detail Page

Step 4 - Product Detail Page

We've clicked on Arch Golf Bag Tag in the product listings.

Here you'll find a detailed description of the product, volume pricing information as well as other related products that our customers have purchased.

Clicking Add To Cart in the Volume Pricing Table will drop you down to the Add To Cart section. (i)

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 5 - Adding To The Cart

Step 5 - Adding To The Cart

As some of our products have long descriptions to them, you can get to the add to cart section by clicking "Add To Cart" in the Volume Pricing section or by scrolling down the page.

Please select all product attributes as well as the quantity you would like to purchase and click Add To Cart. (j)

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 6 - Your Cart

Step 6 - Your Cart

Your products will be added to the cart.

You can modify your product choices by clicking on the Product image or link and redo your selected product attributes. (k)

This will add a new line item to the cart, please delete the old line item from the cart to eliminate any double purchases or confusion.

You can update your quantity by editing the quantity field and clicking "Update Cart". (l)

If you would like to continue shopping, click "Keep Shopping" and you will be taken back to the last category you were shopping in. (m)

Otherwise, click "Check Out" to begin the payment process. (n)

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 7 - Login

Step 7 - Login

If have created an account with us, you can login using your email address and password. If you forgot your password, please click the "Forgot Password" link, fill in your email address and your password will be emailed to you. (o)

If you do not have an account, please create a new account by filling out the "New Users" section. (p)

By having "Remember Me Next Time" checked, you can skip this step during future purchases!!

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 8 - Billing/Shipping Information

Step 8 - Billing/Shipping Address

This section requires the EXACT Billing Address as it appears on your Credit Card Statement.

If your Billing Address is the same as your Shipping Address, you can check "Same as Billing Address" and click Continue to automatically fill the Billing Address Information. (q)

By creating an account with us, you can automatically add your information to your Address Book and click "Bill To" or "Ship To" to automatically fill in the appropriate fields.

Since our site uses Cookies, your information will be saved and this step will be skipped during future purchases!!

You can edit these addresses by clicking on "Your Account" located in the Header and Footer of the site.

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 9 - Shipping & Payment Info

Step 9 - Shipping & Payment Info

We use UPS for all of our deliveries. Please select your desired shipping method. (r)

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX. Please provide your correct credit card information in the appropriate fields. (s)

Our site is secured using a 128-BIT SSL Certificate from InstantSSL. Click here to verify.

If you have received a coupon or gift certificate, please provide the appropriate code in the "Redeem a Coupon" box and it will be applied to the current order. (t)

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TournamentShowroom.com - Step 10 - Review & Process

(*) Shipping to Multiple Addresses is currently not allowed through our system. However, we will accomodate any request. If you wish to use multiple shipping addresses, please indicate so in the special instruction section and a sales representative will include this while finalizing your order.

Step 10 - Review & Process

This is last part of the Checkout Process.

Please review all of your information and verify that it is correct. You can click "Edit" on any section that is incorrect.

If you have any special requests, questions/comments, we encourage you to fill out the "Special Instructions or Notes" section and it will be submitted with your order. (u)

Clicking "Place Order" in the Right Column will finalize your order. (v) Note: Please do not click Place Order more than once.

At this point, you will be taken to your Invoice information. Please print the receipt to retain for your records.

A sales representative will contact you within 24 hours of your order to finalize the request as well as provide information for getting your artwork to us.

For information on that now. Please consult our Help/FAQ's section.

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